NEFAD First National Convention June 13-14th Kathmandu

NEFAD has announced that it will hold its first National Convention on June 14th in Kathmandu. Family members from all of NEFAD’s affiliated district Family Associations will attend. The national meeting will continue the process of the widest possible discussion among families as to future activities and ways forward with mobilisation.

There will be a half day public meeting around the convention on June 14th. This will be an opportunity to present the participatory action research project (‘From victims to actors’), supported by the Berghof Foundation, that seeks to understand how families can most effectively be mobilised to impact on Nepal’s ongoing transitional justice process: to date victims have been spectators with the authorities and elite human rights NGOs engaged in a discussion that largely excludes those most affected by the violations of the conflict.

At the public meeting NEFAD will also present its Plan of Action: a way forward with activities that engage and support families in their communities and mobilise them through regional and national structures to advocate at the national level. NEFAD seeks support to raise the profile of families of the disappeared and ensure that the it can work to address the whole range of needs that families have.