NEFAD is a network of district based associations of families of the missing and disappeared in Nepal. The national network aims to provide support, advocacy and relief for the families of the disappeared. It is rooted in the families themselves, both in informing the work of the network (what it  does) and in who leads it (the representatives). The network is independent of any NGO or political party, and looks to work with all  organisations that share its aims on a strategic level where appropriate. The network is directly informed by and serves the needs and wishes of the family members, and all district, regional and national level structures are  made up of leaders from families who work for those families. Families are  regularly consulted on what the network does and receive regular feedback on its work.

Victims’ groups now exist in 17 districts of Nepal, mostly representing the families of the disappeared from the conflict who have the some of the greatest needs. These range from well organised groups like CVC (Conflcit Victims’ Committee) in Bardiya and CSJ (Committee for Social Justice) in Lamjung, to those such as NEFAD (Network of Families of the Disappeared and Missing) in Sunsari where a small group of people is just beginning to try to bring victims together.

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