Leadership and Network

Ram Kumar Bhandari – Founder Coordinator

+977 98460 99948/e-mail: nefad.nepal@gmail.com, victimsalliance@gmail.com Contact for National and International Advocacy, Research, Campaign Strategy and Coordination in Nepal and abroad.

@Members: Committee for Social Justice CSJ Lamjung, Conflict Victims Committee CVC Bardiya, Society of Families of the Disappeared Warriors by the State SoFAD and District based Family Associations FAs in 17 districts of Nepal.

NEFAD is also a founding member of National Victims Alliance NVA in Nepal, and member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC).

1 thought on “Leadership and Network

  1. Dear Committee members

    Today has pushed me back to my past where I am thinking about my loved one who was disappeared with 47 people. I would like to know if there is any success in having further information about them.

    I have been dying every minute since he was disappeared, who would understand this? who would help me get out of this endless pain? You have bee doing good job but would be grateful if u could help me understand the status of 47 people who were in 2003.
    Best Regards

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